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Surfing through the internet one day in early July 2001, I came across pictures made with the program "Terragen".

Fascinated at once, I downloaded the program. As soon as I had started, I was addicted to creating "Terragen" landscapes.

Since then, I have already made a number of pictures - from eerie to quite okay.

As every "artist" likes to present his works to the public, I have now opened my own Terragen-Gallery called "Terra-Werx".

By the way the program Terragen was developed by Matt Fairclough and is free for non-commercial purposes. It is easy to operate and with some skill and practice it is possible to create fotorealistic landscapes.

I wish all visitors of this gallery a lot of fun with my Terra-Werx.

Please pay attention to the fact that a publishing of the pictures and texts is not allowed without my permisson.

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